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  • Eyebrow shaping Stencil Kit - 5 Pack
  • Eyebrow shaping Stencil Kit - 5 Pack
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Eyebrow Stencils Kit-5 Pack

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5 Shapes of Eyebrow Stencils for perfectly shaped brows every time. The flexible plastic Stencil hugs the bones around your eyebrows and provides three markings for shaping your brows.

Fill in your brows with confidence using these easy to apply stencils. Choose one of 5 different shapes, get the perfect arch, and let your beauty shine through. Bronics eyebrow stencils make it easy for any woman to create perfect eyebrows.

What makes you love it

-It's easy to fill in your brows for a naturally arched look

-Get fuller and symmetrical brows

-Use it to save time during your makeup routine

-Mess free and works with any eyebrow filler or enhancer

-Suitable for all ages