Collection: Eyebrow Stamp & Eyebrow Shaping Kit

Are you looking for the best vegan eyebrow makeup? BRONICS has you covered with an eyebrow stamp kit made using only vegan products that can give you flawless looking eyebrows in seconds. Compared to traditional powders and pencils, our adjustable instant eyebrow stamp makes it easier to fill in brows, with results that last longer and stay smudge-free. We’re confident you’ll be impressed by our amazing waterproof eyebrow stamp.


Whether you’re searching for an eyebrow stamp for blondes or brunettes, the eyebrow shaping kit at BRONICS allows you to create the fully customised, photo-realistic eyebrows you want without any hassle. The creamy pomade based pigment has a masking effect which, with a good angled eyebrow brush, makes eyebrows look fuller and more even in colour and shape, eliminating brow hair gaps.

Our eyebrow stencil kit is available in seven full-pigment colours and comes with 5 different eyebrow shapes to cover all types of eyebrows. It also features a soft eyebrow spoolie and brush along with an eyebrow eraser and a specially designed washable sponge applicator.


You can’t go wrong shopping at BRONICS for cruelty free and vegan eyebrow products. Buy an eyebrow kit online today or contact us to learn more before you buy.


BRONICS Eyebrow Stamp Kit is made of only using vegan products, It is available in 7 Color full-pigment and comes with 5 different eyebrow shapes stencils to cover all types of eyebrow. The stamp has a specially designed Washable high-quality sponge applicator that is used to fill in the eyebrow and stencils help in creating the shape you want.

Smudge and Waterproof BRONICS Eyebrow Kit is buildable creamy pomade based pigment that helps to fill in your eyebrows, because of the masking effect it makes the eyebrows look fuller. It makes brows appear more even in color and shape, and helps eliminate gaps between brow hairs. This stamping kit allows you to create fully customized, photo-realistic eyebrows in one quick sweep.

This premium quality Eyebrow stamp and Shaping Kit also features a soft spoolie, eraser and 5 premium quality stencils comes with free cosmetic pouch and an illustrated guide to help achieve expert results.