How to Make Eyebrows Stand Out

Eyebrow is the essential part of your facial expression, in fact, it can change your looks in a second. The beauty experts said that eyebrows are like the frame in the picture, it makes you look mature when well-shaped. So, there is no doubt that brow shaping is an important step when you want to enhance your appearance.

Eyebrows can make or break your appearance. Make them wrong and you look like a - well, like someone who "hasn't yet got the hang of eyebrows." Luckily, it's remarkably easy to get right with BRONICS Eyebrow Stamp Kit and Stencils. What's more, if you've ever felt too self-conscious to give yourself the best eyebrows you could manage, then this short guide is for you…

The first thing you need to know about choosing a colour for your eyebrows is that all eyebrow colours can be broken down into a small number of categories. There are probably only five natural hair colours for eyebrows – brown, black, red, blonde and taupe. The rest are just variations on those five themes.

BRONICS offer the best quality pigments in 7 shades that cover all hair colours.


Blonde hair with warm undertones


For blonde/grey hair with cool undertones.


For light brown/brown hair with warm/cool undertones


For Medium Brown hair with warm undertones.


For dark brown hair with a cool/warm undertone.


For dark brown/black hair with a dark warm/cool undertone.


For nearly black/jet black hair with a dark cool undertone.

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