Brow Stamp Stencil Tutorial

How to use Brow Stamp? 

Step 1: Choose the stencil #1 through #5 that is most fitting to your natural brow growth.

Step 2: With the chosen stencil in hand, align the tail end of the stencil to the tail end of your eyebrow or desired tail ending point. Place one finger on point 1 on your stencil.

Step 3: Lay the stencil flat on your brow and place a second finger on point 2. Make sure that the angle of the stencil is the same for both brows.

Step 4: Take the sponge applicator and begin to pat lightly starting at the tail of your brow, finishing at your most fitting brow length.

Step 5: Remove the stencil. If necessary realign and repeat to darken brows. Take spoolie and brush through the brows to distribute and soften the look of the makeup.

Step 6: Take a dry paper towel and wipe away the product that is on the stencil.

Step 7: Flip the stencil and start at step 2 again to complete your remaining brow.

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